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9歲時受同為作曲家的父親影響開始作曲,曾為許多遊戲、藝人和音樂廠牌提供過樂曲和Remix。2011年高中時期起開始進行DJ演出。除了在台灣各種活動中演出過之外,也曾受邀至日本、 新加坡、美國、香港等地演出。

Taiwanese composer, arranger and DJ.
Started composing at the age of 9 under the influence of his father, who was also a composer, he has provided music and remixes for many video games, artists and record labels. He began DJing in 2011 when he was in high school, and has performed at various events in Taiwan as well as other places such as Japan, Singapore, the United States and Hong Kong.

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